Interaction in iteraplan


A surprisingly effective EAM enables the new and innovative interaction concept in iteraplan: Here you will find visualisation and maintenance uniquely combined with each other. Say good-bye to the continuous change between configuration and analysis of a visualisation.

Work directly with all data and feel the pulse of your Enterprise Architecture Management at all times. Interaction and user experience are combined at a new level. A multitude of interactive features make iteraplan the best EAM tool we have ever developed.

You can share all diagrams with all users at any time or simply make them available within the company. Output formats such as SVG or PDF also enable offline sharing.

With the help of the iteraplan Navigator you can discover your company architecture completely interactively. Correlations and links between elements of different types are clearly visible. You can directly access detailed information.


Visualisation with iteraplan


iteraplan enables you to create visualisations within an innovative interaction concept. The structure of the visualisations, the elements shown, as well as the configuration of details such as the colouring are iteratively determined step by step. Every change can immediately be seen live.

With just one click you can adapt individual areas according to your requirements or change the complete structure of the visualisation. This connects the maintenance with the analysis of your Enterprise Architecture Management data in a unique way.

Dynamic colouring significantly helps you improve the overview of your Enterprise Architecture Management. Adapt your visualisation for example to your corporate design and enable your colleagues to immediately see the most important aspects. All colours in the visualisations are individually customisable.

The direct filter enables simple but very effective visual representations. Pre-configurations, for example before meetings with the company management are a thing of the past: You can filter and choose your elements on the go – whether on your computer or tablet. The different viewpoints provide you with a dynamic view of your EAM.


You can adapt and extend already established diagram types such as information flow, development plan and nested-cluster diagrams or create completely new types of diagram. In exactly the way you need. The Graphics Reactor which is integrated in iteraplan allows you to use the completely individual colourings, filter elements dynamically and incorporate your own, company-specific layout.