Already annoyed by EUGDPR? Arm yourself with iteraplan 6.1 now!

Admittedly EUGDPR is not sexy and is really annoying. The only trouble is that it can be quite expensive if you ignore the topic. But where to start? Should you even get your hands dirty with the topic or should you take advantage of the moment when everyone around you is hiding?

For those who want to deal with this topic, there is now the new, amazing EAM tool iteraplan 6.1, which provides extensive enhancements to the data model and allows you to better document where personal data is stored, what is done with the data and which system can delete it if necessary. iteraplan 6.1 also helps you with risk assessment.

A detailed list of all changes compared to iteraplan 6.1 can be found in the Release Notes ( Test the new release via our online demo. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the iteraplan team at

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