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iteraplan 3.2 available

iteraplan 3.2 has been released and is now available for download. In addition, the new release can also be tested directly in the browser via our online demos.

In iteraplan 3.2 many improvements and suggestions of our customers and community members have been integrated. It offers, among other things:

  • Data exchange with other ITM tools: The new REST interface provides read access to iteraplan data.
  • More freedom with the choice of a database: iteraplan can now also use Microsoft SQL Server as backend (additional contract package required).
  • What happens in the context of an information system? The new neighborhood diagram has the answer.
  • And even more visualization options: The Nesting Cluster Diagram now supports filtering and coloring.
  • Up to 70 % time savings when importing large amounts of data: The Excel and XMI import has seen a significant speed up.
  • Dashboard templates for all: Multiple templates for a single building block type are now possible.

We introduce all new features in detail in a series of blog entries. We welcome every feedback. Contact us for questions and suggestions at any time: Thanks to the development team and all colleagues who have contributed in the completion of the new release. In April 2014, the next iteraplan release will arrive with a focus on usability enhancements.