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Our consultants assist you in the sustainable setting up of your EAM as an IT management discipline that provides a meaningful contribution to your business. With our best practice EAM method we help you derive the relevant issues from your IT and operationlise adress them. We design, for example, with iteratec, compelling visualisations and integrate the EAM into your IT management processes.

iteratec has developed the best practice EAM method based on nearly 100 EAM implementations and enhancements. With this real-world proven procedure, you can create concrete, tangible added value within just a few months.

A sustainable EAM is focused systematically around (IT) management issues and their stakeholders’ issues. Together with our consultants, the key issues for your company are identified and prioritised, meaningful evaluations are dervived and your enterprise architecture is built up step-by-step.

At the same time we ensure that EAM is incorporated as a living discipline into your organisational roles, committees and processes, in a way that mirrors all our actions: Simply and effectively!

A few opinions from a part of our consulting team:

  • Dr. Björn Wüst
    Dr. Björn WüstSenior IT management consultant

    With iteratec’s best practice EAM method, I like the fact that the first results are often available within just a few weeks of a project starting. Through the focus on specific issues with tangible benefits we establish EAM as a practical tool and not as theoretical science. I find the scalability of the iteratec method remarkable. From a small proof-of-concept with tangible results and the application in medium-sized businesses after a few days, to company-wide implementation with full support of complex change projects – our method simply fit.

    • Dr. Harald Meyer
      Dr. Harald MeyerPrincipal Consultant

      The ‘M’ in EAM is achieved when the adaptation of the company’s IT landscape to individual projects is continuously controlled, and indeed aligned with business priorities. Appropriate EAM tools are still not the ultimate goal, but rather an important basis and prerequisite for the company.

      • Johannes Eltgen
        Johannes EltgenIT Management Consultant

        Client work is fun when you can make a difference.
        In this sense, EAM is a topic that has a lot of potential. It is particularly interesting when Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) comes from the combination of computer science and business from the IT architecture management. In this way, important topics such as Business Capabilities can also be discussed.

        • Mariusz Jodko
          Mariusz JodkoSenior IT management consultant

          Based on the best-practice EAM method we offer a wide range of service packages for the implementation, verification, optimisation and development of enterprise architecture management in your company.

          • Nina Pak
            Nina PakJunior IT Consultant

            When I work for clients, I work for my future. I work for myself: for the experience and for the knowledge that I have provided good work for the customer.

            Our service portfolio – how we can help you

            Support for the starting point of your EAM

            EAM Check-up
            Assessment of your EAM maturity level and check whether your EA Framework meets your needs

            • Collection of your goals and challenges based on the documents provided
            • A workshop to analyse your existing EA frameworks (Business architecture, visualisation, tools and EAM governance) with regards to the implementation of the objectives and solutions to the issues that have been identified, as well as according to the EAM maturity model from the best practice method EAM
            • Create a report based on the results (assessment of your EAM maturity level with explanations and recommendations for further action)

            Support for the introduction of EAM

            Basic Package EAM & iteraplan Introduction (EAM Base Introduction)
            • Derivation of your EAM Framework (enterprise architecture, visualisations, tools and EAM governance) based on the best practice EAM method
            • Configuration and representative filling iteraplan according to your EAM framework
            • • Transfer and coaching of the enterprise architects and administrators
            Premium Package EAM & iteraplan implemnetation (EAM Premium Introduction)
            Basic package plus

            • Inventory of a defined section of the current and / or planned IT environment
            • Training of key users, based on the recorded IT landscape
            • Solution outline for the integration of iteraplan with other IT management tools (e.g. CMDB)
            • Provide support for the first steps towards organisational implementation of EAM in the company
            Basic or Premium package with another EAM tool

            Individual assistance with checking, introducing or expanding your EA Frameworks

            EAM Audit & Optimisation
            • Assessment of your EAM maturity level, checking the suitability of objectives and issues within the EA framework, and deriving measures for optimising your EA Frameworks
            • Analysis of your EA frameworks (enterprise architecture, visualisations, tools and governance) and developing proposals for further development / optimisation
            IT Roadmapping & IT Planning
            • Development of an IT roadmap (medium-term plan) on the basis of the strategic IT planning
            • Derivation and documentation of the target vision incl. IT goals, target development plan and blueprint
            • Analysis of your IT environment according to the criteria based on your development database
            CIO Dashboard
            Conception of an instrument for strategic IT management incl. monitoring the status and progress of the EAM introduction
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