Simple and effective

iteratec assists you in the sustainable establishment of your EAM as an IT management discipline delivering a meaningful contribution to value. With our Best-Practice-EAM method, we help you derive the relevant issues facing today’s IT. With iteraplan we create, for example, compelling visualisations and integrate EAM into your IT management processes. Our consultants always stick to our core principles: simple and effective.

iteratec has developed the Best-Practice-EAM method from nearly 100 EAM implementations and improvements. With this real-world, tried-and-tested approach you can create real, tangible value within only a few months.

A sustainable EAM consistently focuses on (IT) management and stakeholder issues. In conjunction with our consultants we prioritise your business’s key issues, derive the appropriate evaluations and build up your enterprise architecture step by step.

At the same time we ensure that EAM is integrated practically into your organisational roles, bodies and processes in the same way we do all our business: simply and effective

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